that old jazz bar : a whisky

once upon a time a daughter bought whisky for the first time in her life,

and conversed with her mother : 

That old jazz bar, purchased at Edinburgh’s Scotch Malt Whisky Society, 
and the last bottle of its cask.

Mother: ‘you want me to taste but not swallow?’
Daughter :’nope.
to smell,
it’s enough.’
Mother: ‘what’s the big deal in a smell?’
Daughter: ‘it starts with hints of banana, toffee-‘
Mother : ‘what’s the big deal in a smell?’
Daughter : ‘hazelnuts, roasted-‘
Mother : ‘especially of liquor that’s meant to be drunk.’
Daughter : ‘the first scent is rich
and seductive
and mellifluous.
seductive like easy jazz.
leave it a few minutes…’
Mother : ‘oh la la, you can get a job as their PR person’
Daughter : ‘and it becomes broody and dark and musty and slightly threatening-‘
Mother : ‘wow’
Daughter : ‘leave it a little more
and the scent becomes seductive again
but this time laced with depth.
jazz drawing you in’
Mother : ‘send this to them…i bet you can get a couple of bottles free-‘
Daughter : ‘the jazz of pain and beauty
and then-‘
Mother : ‘seriously-‘
Daughter : ‘and that is the real beauty of this whisky,
the last smells
are the morning after,
the jazz bar the morning after
people lying on the ground-‘
Mother : ‘you have to copy this and send it to them
i bet you a euro (that will soon hit rock bottom) 
that they will use it for their PR purposes-‘
Daughter : ‘evocations of cigarette
Mother : ‘you have to-‘
Daughter : ‘a few people still playing
others in a daze
ready to the face the morning and life again
but not quite able to,
resignation and strength.
this is the beauty of it.’
Mother : ‘you hear me…..COPY AND SEND IT TO THEM!!!!’
Mother : ‘gosh but that you should be so orgasmic about whisky!’
Daughter : ‘what orgasmic
what are you talking about-‘
Mother : ‘the way you talk about it!’
Daughter : ‘nothing orgasmic about that
‘it is quite simply inspired and reverential.’
Mother : ‘well you should know.’

 in memoriam of an epic Skype dialogue

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