small loving : a song-poem


(guitar & percussion : Michel Ongaro ; lyrics & vocals : Arusha Topazzini)

(photograph by Dominik Scythe)

the night i met you there was something in the air,
might have been those eyes, that no-nonsense stare.
might have been your self-control,
your loud screaming presence amongst the rumbling noise.
there was a clicking in my soul, a slight shaking in my bones,
an unforgettable drum-roll that still echoes,
that made my heart go boom boom boom,
makes my heart go boom boom boom
makes my soul hum…

there are times when hearts must choose
even if whichever way looks, you might lose.
but you’ll never stand to gain, if you fear a little loving pain.
and when i say goodbye it will be with a smile,
and when i close my eyes, once in a while,
it will be you,
you i’ll be smiling to…

so let’s not waste this fleeting opportunity,
come enjoy some small little loving with me:

come and join me for some small loving,
cos a small loving’s all i got,
but some small loving’s better
than a deliberate hurt,
so won’t you come on this small loving spree
let’s give life its due, its loving fee,
baby, tonight is just

about you,
you and me…

cos your hand on my face,
and my breath on your skin,
turns my night into shine,
and your past into mine,
and my breath sings the pace
of your hand on my face,
turns your day into dusk,
and your dawn into mine.


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