in the nearness of you

in the nearness of you,
i whittle away & erode
my diffuse soul

one moment she recoils, shrunken & trembling:
a leaf already caught up in autumn,
a relish of colour, exquisitely unsure of being alive;
and now it is time to fall,
ever so gently fall, and splay out on moist earth,
sharing breath with nightstars &
summer’s echoing of insect-dance on faded grass.

one moment she soars, laughing wildly,
wings spread out a glistening malachite,
talons painted pomegranate red,
turning, twirling, swooping, she dives up to the orbs
and rushes down, grazing the ocean’s breathing belly,
inhaling salty whalesong as she lifts up, gently,
ever so gently,
lost in harmony & sky.

in the nearness of you,
i feed you the fullness of me
& sometimes, forget to be.


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