vernal equinox

moonstone sky exhaling with the duskhour
& the snowsteps of the hare.

the west wind carries on its wingtips
the first scents of spring:
of treebranch, warming sap,
& buddings bloodred, coral & parrotgreen, waiting & ready.
of birdsong- effervescent;
the scent of water slowly moving again beneath her icy mantle, refracted in myriad-tones of jade by snow & sky.

up above, a sharp, raucous greeting-
my footsteps slow down & are quiet now.
bright, bright white specks on the horizon,
& here they are, long necks outstretched & wings wide open to the tall moonstone sky:
five swans, now standing on the snow,
heartbeats facing the setting sun & the west wind-

they came back.


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