About me


Welcome !

Words have always been a part of my life, and i’m really delighted to share some of my work with you.

Soul-Words is my word-sanctuary, my smultronställe, digital patch of ‘wild strawberries’ and a wonderful opportunity for me to gather up in one place my various writing projects: my poems & song-poems ; my recently published memoir, A Mother Dies ; my dance-poems which i am giving away to artists & dancers, One Day. One Womanand my work-in-progress.

I may be 36 years old (going on 90), but i really feel like a newborn birdling in this immense world of digital writing & self-publishing! So, if you like or resonate with my writing, please consider sparing a few clicks to ‘like’ or ‘share’.

Thank you, arusha.

ps: if you wish to get in touch with me, please do!


A few random snippets about me:

  • I meditate, do my 2 sun-salutations daily, and eat or dream about eating chocolate far too much.
  • I practice and teach Tantric techniques when the opportunity and the moment are right.
  • I go goo-goo over pictures of kittens. And i compulsively watch films about air disasters!
  • I read the end of books and watch the end of films early on, in order to spare myself the possibility of heartbreak.
  • I see our beautiful, crazy, confused, inspired, destructive, compassionate, humble humanity and our wounded natural world…and i try and weave myself a gentle space somewhere in the midst of it all.


I have also just published my first book on Amazon Kindle: a memoir about my journey through grief following the death of my mother in 2013. I can describe it best as a shamanic journey of deep grief & deep love.

You can read more about this here, A Mother Dies and on the Amazon link below (which includes a preview). I cannot tell you how grateful i am for your trust & openness.



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